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11 attachments to pour or demolish pavement

Nov 26, 2023

When it comes time to mix concrete or tear it up, these 11 construction equipment attachments can handle the job.

Coupled to your compact or large machines, they can cut, break and pry apart concrete or asphalt pavement. And some can even mix material when it's time to pour new pavement.

Others will work on robotic equipment, including for hydrodemolition and separating rebar. And several offer dust suppression to meet federal rules governing airborne crystalline silica.

Check out these 11 attachments:

Danuser's Mega Mixer material handling bucket (shown above) is designed to mix, scoop and dispense a variety of construction and agricultural materials, including bag-mix concrete. Recently added features include an easy-to-operate discharge end; an 8-inch diameter with 8-inch pitch steel auger for faster mixing and dispensing; and a 22.8-cubic-inch motor for improved torque, capable of dispensing 3/4 yard of material in 26 seconds. Mounts on both sides allow the operator to dispense on the right or left side of the host vehicle.

Worksaver SS-590 Hydraulic Cement MixerWorksaverWorksaver's SS-590 Hydraulic Cement Mixer eliminates chain and sprocket maintenance thanks to a direct hydraulic line to the gearbox. The attachment's 11-cubic-foot drum can mix and place 5 cubic feet of concrete at a time. The drum is constructed of welded steel and has internal angled paddles for uniform concrete mixing and clean dumping. Standard features include connect-under-pressure couplers, flow control valve to control mixer speed, and a single lever to engage and disengage the drum. The attachment is designed for fence posts, footings, sidewalls and hard-to-reach areas.

General Equipment 190M CUT-R-TACHGeneral EquipmentGeneral Equipment's 190M CUT-R-TACH rotary asphalt cutting attachment features a 19-inch-diameter blade that can cut as deep as 5.5 inches at 6,000 feet per hour. The 190M is compatible with most standard motor grader moldboards or dozer blades. One stationary jaw and one vertically adjustable jaw can accommodate clamping heights from 13 to 28 inches. Angle cutting is enabled by tilting the moldboard. The attachment's blade can be replaced in the field without disturbing bearings or seals. Twin Timken-type tapered roller bearings deliver up to 50,000 pounds of downforce.

Werk-Brau Pavement Removal BucketWerk-BrauNew Werk-Brau Pavement Removal Buckets are designed to enable excavators to quickly and easily remove pavement slabs. They feature a C-type profile and inclined sides for prying and removing broken concrete and asphalt pavement slabs. Bottom wear straps and T-1 steel construction increase service life. Ribbing on the inside bottom prevents denting and reduces wear. A thumb can also be used for more precise material handling. Standard buckets from 18 to 54 inches are available to fit all classes and sizes of backhoes and excavators. Special designs are available upon request.

Epiroc hydraulic breakerEpirocEpiroc SB/SBU series hydraulic breakers come standard with an integrated water port for dust suppression to assist in compliance with federal silica regulations. They are designed to be compact, efficient and durable and to reduce noise and vibration for such uses as construction, tunneling, dredging, demolition and pile driving. They are compatible with compact excavators, backhoes, skid steers or demolition robots ranging from 1,550 to 53,000 pounds. Hydraulic oil requirements range from 3.2 gpm at 1,450 to 2,175 psi, to 35 gpm at 1,885 to 2,610 psi.

Komatsu JMHB-V breakerKomatsuKomatsu's new JMHB-V breaker series is compatible with the company's excavators, from the PC210 up to the PC490. They can modulate their impact force and frequency with up to 16 working positions to match the application. They also feature an energy-saving recovery valve that recuperates energy to drive efficiency. They automatically select the best piston stroke length and speed, depending on the material's hardness. Standard features include automatic greasing, advanced blank firing protection, swivel hose couplings and heavy-duty housing.NPK GH7 breakerNPKNPK offers hydraulic hammer models for skid steers, backhoes and excavators ranging from 1.2 to over 120 tons. They can break asphalt and concrete, as well as medium and hard rock. Features include a gas-charged piston to maximize efficiency; a design with only two moving parts; anti-blank fire; separate ports for the auto lube system and airline for underwater use; replaceable cylinder sleeves; quick-change tool system; and a variety of tool configurations. Options include hammer-mounted or carrier-mounted auto lube systems, enclosed brackets and dust suppression.

RJB HydroRam Premium SeriesRJB Hydraulic HammersRJB Hydraulic Hammers’ HydroRam Premium Series offers an anti-blank fire prevention system and blow frequency and power control. Standard functions include dust intake prevention, oil flow rate control and speed control. They also come equipped with an auto-greasing system, underwater enabling function and In/Out Swivel Adapter. Pads and side dampers fully enclosed in the box housing protect the power cell. The hammers are made of wear-resistant materials. They come in three models, ranging from 6,000 to 14,000 pounds of impact for carrier machines of 20 to 65 metric tons.

Caterpillar Performance Series hammersCaterpillarTwo new Caterpillar Performance Series hammers, the H190 S and H215 S, are designed for high production and low maintenance operation on the company's excavators. The piston and tool mass have been matched in diameter and weight to pack more punch. Operators can run in the high-frequency/low-power mode or low-frequency/high power to match the hardness of the material. Proprietary buffering material dampens vibration feedback. An automatic shut-off that prevents blank firing can be turned off for horizontal and overhead operation. The hammers can be configured for joystick or pedal control.

Aquajet RotolanceAquajetFor cleaning, removing or roughening concrete surfaces, Aquajet offers Rotolance attachments for its Aqua Cutter 710 hydrodemolition robots and its Aqua Spine and Aqua Frame. The attachments can deliver up to 36,000 psi of water pressure. Contractors can use the Rotolance on roads and bridges and also for removing rubber coatings, paint, rust, plastic and other materials. Aquajet offers two models – the Rotolance 1000 and Rotolance 2500 – which cover a surface diameter as wide as 14 inches and create no dust pollution nor contaminated sand to dispose of.

Darda Concrete Crushers for Brokk robotsBrokkThrough its sister company Darda, Brokk offers six concrete crushers – the CC260, CC340, CC440, CC480, CC580 and CC700 – for its Next Generation SmartPower series of remote-controlled demolition robots. The concrete crushers chew up concrete, leaving rebar exposed. They are designed for quiet operation and can be used for indoor demolition projects, such as hospitals and office buildings. The attachments feature large jaw openings and a crushing force of 22 to 70 tons, depending on model. They can handle concrete slabs of 14 to 26 inches thick and rebar up to 1.2 inches in diameter.