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Best Smart Washing Machines 2023

Dec 17, 2023

Laundry day doesn't have to be such a drag when you work smarter, not harder.

These days, it can feel like every day is laundry day as busy homes find their dirty clothes piling up relentlessly. There are work clothes, gym clothes, school clothes, bedclothes, and more, and it can feel overwhelming at times. What's worse, when you put a load on, you can often forget to check when it's finished, and unwittingly let damp clothes sit inside your machine until they start to smell like a damp dog.

With a smart washing machine, those days are over. Now you can receive notifications through an app or smart speaker to let you know the instant that your wash cycle has ended. They come with a host of customizable features and even offer more specialized wash cycles that can be downloaded to your machine. Schedule loads for particular times of day to suit your lifestyle, and even get alerts when essential maintenance is required to keep your machine running smoothly.

Built-in AI technology can even detect the fabric textures and volume, supplying the right quantity of water for the wash, helping you become more energy efficient and make a few savings too.

Why not take the grind out of wash day by investing in a smart washing machine?

A good all-round option with plenty of features

If you're looking for a good blend of form and function, then the LG WM4000HBA Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Front Load Washer with Turbowash has plenty to offer.

This front-loading smart washing machine from LG has a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet and has a total of twelve different built-in programs to choose from, including an allergen cycle which is particularly effective at removing pet hair and dander. It is Energy Star certified and has a low-level water and electricity consumption, with low noise output.

The LG WM4000HBA is a Wi-Fi-enabled washing machine that pairs with the LG ThinQ app to control your laundry remotely. You can receive notifications when your load is done via the app, and you can also explore and download additional cycle options. Keep tabs on the status of your washing at any time, and receive alerts (based on the number of completed cycles) to inform you when it's time to clean the inside of your machine.

TurboWash 360 technology with an integrated AI fabric sensor provides a fast and efficient wash for all your laundry, and handy features like the Steam cycle help keep all your washables super fresh and stain-free too. With low vibration thrown into the mix as well, you have a great all-rounder here if you’re looking for a smart front-loading washer to spruce up your laundry.

The pack mule of smart washing machines

The SAMSUNG WV60A9900AV 6.0 Cu Ft. Smart Dial Front Load Washer is the perfect choice for large households that needs to run several cycles per day.

The Don of smart washing machines if you’re on the lookout for a large capacity machine, the Samsung WV60A9900AV boasts six cubic feet of load space for your dirty laundry. This beefy unit is a proper workhorse, able to complete a full load in just 28 minutes, with an optional super-speed dryer cycle allowing for a full wash and dry in under one hour.

A FlexWash option enables you to wash two separate loads simultaneously, each with different cycles and settings, making this an efficient and convenient option. This model uses an AI-powered smart dial that will learn and then recommend your favorite washing, drying, and steam cycles.

Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to receive alerts on your smart device when your washing has been completed, or stop and start your washing remotely. Schedule cycles and customize your settings via the SmartThings app, and receive notifications every 40 cycles for you to clean the inside. A super-sized capacity plus the ability to wash more than one load at once makes this smart washing machine one of the best options for busy households.

An energy-efficient smart washer

Save on energy with the LG WM4200HWA Smart wi-fi Enabled Front Load Washer's ColdWash technology.

The LG WM4200HWA smart washing machine has a five cubic feet capacity and TurboWash 360 technology for ultra-fast, effective washing. It has high energy efficiency too, thanks to its cold wash facility, which provides hot wash results from a cold cycle. Using cold water for your wash will have a positive effect on your energy costs, while still delivering great results with each cycle.

Connecting to the ThinQ app enables you to receive all the usual notifications once your washing has completed its cycle, and it can be used to remotely start or stop the cycle too. You can download additional cycles via the app and customize your settings to suit whatever's being washed. You will also receive alerts to advise when your machine needs a bit of TLC and maintenance, too.

This LG model does not come cheap, and the cost may be too prohibitive for some. But because this is a large-capacity machine with ColdWash technology, it is one of the most efficient smart washing machines out there. And the ability to achieve great results with a cold-water wash means plenty of energy and cost savings moving forwards.

All the features of a smart front loader without having to bend down

The Whirlpool WTW6120HW 4.8 Cu. Ft. White Smart Top Load Washer is an ideal space-saving solution for smaller smart homes.

Front-loading washing machines may not be your thing. You may be limited by space in your apartment, or you may just not want to crouch down to load and empty your machine. If that sounds familiar, then you might find the Whirpool WTW6120HW Smart Top Load Washer a smart solution.

With a capacity of 4.8 cubic feet, there's plenty of room here for large loads, and a myriad of options, too (up to 36 in fact). The 750-rpm speed does a good job of getting your clothing to ‘near dry’ levels once complete. Smart app features allow you to remotely control your machine, schedule cycles, stop/start cycles, and customize your settings. You’ll be notified once your washing is complete, and you can check on its progress mid-cycle too.

Quick wash cycles complete in around 30 minutes, giving you time-saving options, and the Adaptive Wash technology saves on the water by detecting the size of your wash load and adapting its water levels to match what is being washed. On the downside, it doesn't run as quietly as some other smart washing machines, but it still packs in a variety of features that make it worthy of consideration despite this.

Odor-neutralizing grime fighter

The GENERAL ELECTRIC GE GFW850SPNRS Electric Smart Washer uses an UltraFresh Vent system with Odor Block to eliminate tough stains and odors.

Near the top of everyone's "must have" features for a smart washing machine is the ability to neutralize stubborn odors. Luckily, the GE GF850SPNRS is a specialist in this area and loves tackling sweaty gym clothes, pet blankets, and all manner of soiled and smelly garments. It has a load capacity of five cubic feet and is tough on stains while still being gentle on clothing.

Using an UltraFresh vent system with Odor Block neutralizes excess moisture to help eliminate odors and keep your clothes (and your washing machine) smelling fresh as a daisy. Wi-Fi enabled, you can track your washing cycle from your phone, set schedules, customize settings, and receive notifications once the cycle has ended.

It provides excellent cleaning performance thanks to its PowerStream function, which penetrates deep into the fibers of your fabrics, sanitizing them by killing off 99% of bacteria and allergens. Smart Dispense technology stores up to 32 loads of detergent, releasing just enough each time, and its balancing technology dispenses water to match the load itself, providing efficient water savings too.

Towers over the competition

The LG WashTower WKGX201HBA provides a complete smart solution for all the family's laundry.

A veritable tower of power, the LG Wash Tower WKGX201HBA is a Wi-Fi-enabled washer and dryer combo. The washer has a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet while the dryer has one of 7.4 cubic feet. Using AI sensors, it can accurately detect fabric texture and load size to customize wash settings and provide appropriate fabric care.

Being an LG smart washing machine, the LG Wash Tower is compatible with the ThinQ app which features all manner of customizable settings and enables you to download additional cycle options for more specialized wash loads. Receive alerts when your washing is done, set schedules, and get notifications and maintenance tips when its insides need a scrub clean.

Ideal for anyone who prefers to keep a separate washer and dryer, both units here perform well and with minimal noise. Water usage is balanced according to the volume of washing in the machine too, and it's reassuring to know that its consumption is mediated. One of our favorite things to come in a stack, besides pancakes.

Keeps the vibrations good like the Beach Boys

Advanced Vibration Control helps the Maytag High Efficiency Smart Top Load Washer run quieter and more efficiently.

Another top-loading smart washer to consider is the Maytag MVW7232HW. It has a maximum load capacity of 5.3 cubic feet and offers voice control compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant. By connecting to the Maytag app, you can access various customizable settings, plus set up alerts for completed wash cycles, set schedules, and remotely control your washing machine.

One of the things we like best about this Maytag model is that it runs quietly and has good vibration control. You shouldn't notice any vibration at all while using this smart washing machine. Built-in Advanced Vibration Control uses powerful shock absorbers and springs to reduce vibration and muffle noise, making this a solid choice for apartment dwellers and those with less-than-sturdy flooring.

It has a Quick Wash cycle to rinse out lightly soiled garments in 30 minutes, a Deep Fill option for deeper water levels, and a built-in water faucet for those heavy-duty washes. Cycle Memory allows you to customize each setting, storing your choices ready for the next load, and Auto Sensing provides the most energy-efficient wash possible, based on what's in the drum. With competitive pricing too, this smart top loader comes out well in the wash.

There's much to think about when considering a smart washing machine, particularly in terms of all the features and functions they offer. But in practical terms, your choice is going to boil down to just a few key points. How big is your living accommodation? How much washing does your household get through, daily and weekly? Do you have indoor or outdoor space to hang up wet washing?

The size of your living space will of course affect the size of the washing machine that you can get. And with limited space, the available options shrink too, so you'll want to pick one with a smaller load capacity as these take up less room. Also, with smaller dwellings, you'll want to look for a smart washing machine that runs quietly and causes minimal vibration, so that it doesn't fill up the space you have with an uncomfortable level of noise.

How many people live at home? The more people, the bigger load capacity you'll need. Perhaps consider a smart washing machine like the Samsung Smart Dial Front Load Washer which offers a super-large load capacity, and offers the facility to wash two loads at once, each with its own individual settings. And if you're stuck for an indoor or outdoor space to hang up your washing, you'll most likely want to consider a smart washing machine that has a built-in spin dry cycle to eliminate any need to do so. Once you've covered these key elements, you should have a pretty good idea about what type of smart washer is right for you.

We think that the LG WM4000HBA Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Front Load Washer with TurboWash is a great all-rounder. Its load capacity is on the smaller side compared to some other examples, but in reality, it's plenty big enough for most people. It offers high-performance cleaning and has a Turbo Wash feature for time-saving washes. You'll find a wealth of additional features and customizable settings on the ThinQ app, including additional wash cycles which you can download direct to your washing machine, to treat delicate or unusual fabrics. Plus, it has handy features like its steam cycles which are good for stain removal. And for a smart washing machine, the price point is reasonably competitive as well.

A good all-round option with plenty of features

If you're looking for a good blend of form and function, then the LG WM4000HBA Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Front Load Washer with Turbowash has plenty to offer.

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