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Culver's Is Launching a New Concrete Mixer for the Holidays

May 27, 2023

Published on 11/30/2022 at 4:25 PM

Culver's has been serving this year, both literally and figuratively speaking. Over the last several months, the fast food chain has revived its CurderBurger, its Wisconsin Big Cheese Pub Burger, and its beloved Buffalo Chicken Tenders.

But the Midwest staple isn't done yet, it's continuing to slay this holiday season with a new concrete mixer. This week the company announced the introduction of its new Frozen Cocoa Concrete Mixer to menus nationwide.

If you're unfamiliar, a Culver's concrete mixer is essentially a really thick milkshake, with a custard base. You can also customize it with a bunch of different toppings, including cookie dough, caramel, Oreos, fresh fruit and more.

The latest flavor features Culver's signature fresh frozen vanilla custard blended with cocoa and topped with whipped cream. The real stuff, not the kind from the can.

So if you're feeling extra icy this winter, you can run over to your local Culver's and pick one up all the way through February 12, 2023. That's plenty of time so by all means feel free to move at a glacial pace, it's not like you have a staunch, stoic, extremely fashionable and silver-haired boss to get back to.

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