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Improve the connectivity of explosion

Nov 19, 2023

February 1, 2023 | By Mary Page Bailey

Process equipment is usually connected by pipelines through which, if an explosion occurs, fire and pressure can spread very rapidly. Propagating explosions pose increased risks of secondary explosions. The intensity of the explosion in connected vessels is increased by pressure piling and flame jet ignition. In the event of an explosion detection by either infrared optical sensor or pressure-switch signals, the new EXKOP Express controller activates the connected explosion-isolation systems, such as this company's QV II or QV III quench valve (photo). Depending on the needs of a particular process, the EXKOP Express can also be used to activate the Q-Bic chemical-extinguishing barrier in one or multiple pipes. The Q-Bic system can protect large-diameter pipes, and the hygienic interface is compatible with sanitary food-processing installations. — Rembe, Inc., Fort Mill, S.C.