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IRE 2023: exhibits to look out for

Aug 19, 2023

By Lewis Tyler24 May 2023

International Rental News delves into what visitors to the International Rental Exhibition can expect to see in June.

In the May-June issue of International Rental News, we profiled some of the highlights to look out for at the International Rental Exhibition, which returns to Maastricht next month.

Exhibitors of the sold out show will look to showcase the latest developments in equipment and software solutions. With that in mind, here is a selection of some of the products visitors can expect to see.

Part of its latest line of electric equipment, Volvo CE will show its EC18 Electric mini excavator. Described as easy to operate, the 1.8 tonne excavator is powered by a Volvo D0.9A engine and can last up to 6 hours of work per charge depending on the environment and task at hand.

The on-board charger, which supplies a 3kW power output to the batteries, charges the machine from 0% to 100% in as little as 6 hours, according to the company.

For faster charging, the EC18 Electric comes with a range of optional fast off-board chargers that can charge the EC18 Electric from 0 to 80% in up to 1 hour 15 minutes.

Euromachine will highlight its Ardita pump series for dewatering, wastewater slurry pumping applications, that it developed alongside Cornell Pumps.

The pumps are available in both high-volume diesel and electric units which can reach high flows up to 8,600 m³/h, and at very high pressures, up to 250 meters.

UK-based Dragon Equipment will bring its newest launch, the PB1000 Power Barrow. Said to be capable of safely carrying, lifting and tipping loads of up to 1000kg, the PB100 is powered by a Vanguard 400 14HP engine, and comes with an all-terrain track base and weight of under 650kg, while its steel bucket is described as "durable and robust."

In its lowest position the front of the bucket is just 870mm from the ground to enable loading by hand easier.

The company will also show its CR300 Crusher, which can crush up to six tonnes of concrete an hour.

With width of 700mm and weight of less than 780kg, the crusher has been designed to provide access through standard doorways and around tight corners.

Heli will show its HELI G2 Series 2-3.5 tonne lithium battery forklift. The company says the machine comes with a maintenance-free battery which produces no pollutions or emissions.

Western Global will use IRE to highlight its all-new diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) cube, a 500 Litre storage tank designed to support and extend the run time of stage IV/V generators and other non-road mobile machinery.

The company says the DEF Cube has all the same features as its TransCube Global, as well as the DEF inner tank, including forklift pockets for easy transport, lockable compartments for enhanced security, and a stackable design to optimise space.

The tanks can be operated and fill the equipment with both fluids at the same time, and as a result, increase job site efficiency, according to Western Global.   

It also has a polyurethane interior to reduce weight and cost, while its design is said to provide integrated heating options and enable it to be transported to any site.

GroundGuards will demonstrate the MaxiTrack trackway mat, said to be guaranteed unbreakable by vehicles up to 130 tonnes, and the FastCover Plus temporary walkway matting product.

MaxiTrack is suitable for medium to longer-term projects especially if there's to be higher traffic volumes and increased use such as temporary access roads. Softer ground conditions, heavy machinery use, or larger areas like car parks or site compounds are all applications where this system performs well.

Italian OEM IRE Emiliana Serbatoi says it will highlight new launches in its Carrytank line of transport tanks.

Released towards the back end of last year and beginning of 2023, the new additions come with 150 litre 330 litre and 600 litre volumes.

The company will also show the CARRYTANK 220 pick-up, a transportable diesel fuel tank with 220 litre capacity that is made from roto-moulded linear polyethylene.

The company says the tank can be placed inside the body of a pickup vehicle and remain below the height of the side boards, allowing the installation of the most common closures for bodies, while it also has "optimised the dimensions of the tank for international transport."

The International Rental Exhibition takes place from the 6 to 8 of June alongside APEX. Registration for both events is free, if done in advance. By registering for one event, you gain free access to both.

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Registration for both events is free, if done in advance IRE registration APEX registration