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New conveyor from Flexicon

Nov 14, 2023

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07-Jun-2018 - Last updated on 07-Jun-2018 at 10:17 GMT

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The US-headquartered engineering and manufacturing company's ‘plug-in-and-run’ self-contained unit features a "push type" drive system positioned at the lower intake end of the conveyor, versus a standard "pull-type" drive positioned at the upper discharge end of the conveyor, reducing overall height by approximately 610mm.

The integral bin accommodates the contents of approximately one-third of a bulk bag measuring 1x1x1 meters, or several typical 25 kg bags, depending on bulk density.

A specialized BEV-CON screw within the straight conveyor tube is engineered to move a range of difficult-to-convey bulk materials that tend to cake, pack, smear or plug, as well as fragile products prone to breakage, with no separation of blends.

With the exception of the polymer tube, all material contact surfaces are of stainless steel finished to food, pharmaceutical, dairy or industrial standards for rapid wash down and/or corrosion resistance.

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