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Jan 06, 2024

November 1, 2022 | By Gerald Ondrey

In June, the newly developed, dust-tight OEB version of the DDSR20 2.0 twin-screw feeder (photo) passed the highest occupational exposure bands (OEB) classification certification, OEB5. OEB classifications are used to grade substances accurately into "classes" or "ranges" based on the health effects and efficacy aspects of the chemicals involved. The DDSR20 2.0 OEB is suited for feeding requirements in pharmaceutical applications or handling of hazardous materials, for example in battery manufacturing. To provide dust-tight, reliable seals, all feeder seals feature specially designed sealing systems. The leak check opening in the twin gearbox is sealed with a sight glass to maintain functionality and to prevent ingredient leakage in the event of shaft-seal failure. — Kubota Brabender Technologie GmbH, Duisburg, Germany