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Utranazz Launches Concrete Batching Plant

Jul 02, 2023

Powder Bulk Solids Staff | Nov 30, 2022

Concrete equipment specialist Utranazz is launching a new premium concept concrete batching plant with high functionality.

The Dynamix 2500 is a modular semi-mobile plant that can produce 115 cu m of wet concrete per hour. It features a weighing platform that houses cement, water, and additive weigh hoppers and a mixer platform fitted with a 2.5 cu m/batch twin shaft BHS mixer and SBM high-pressure cleaning system. A modern spiral staircase to ascend to the mixer and weighing platforms creates a striking visual element to the plant.

The customer can choose between three different equipment packages:

* Standard: an unclad version as a solution for multiple location changes* Summer: equipped with wide cantilevered protective roofs over the working platforms* Winter: fitted with fully cladded ISO walls and polycarbonate panels to ensure high thermal insulation (U value of 1.1W/cu m K) for year-round operation even in extreme climatic conditions

The plant is pre-assembled and features plug-and-play connections to ensure quick and easy installation on site in only one day.

In the technical design of the new Dynamix, SBM was guided by modern industrial design, which takes functional requirements and ergonomic advantages into account equally. The result is a dynamic appearance combined with comfort and safety for the user.

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