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Bluetti AC200Max review: A game

May 25, 2023

Bluetti AC200Max expandable power station. Picture: Noel Campion.

Many of us are looking at alternative energy sources including putting solar panels on the roof in a bid to reduce costs. Solar energy is more viable now thanks to incentives like the recent removal of VAT on solar products but also the increasing number of companies offering installations. It's also great that, finally, you will now get paid for the energy you put back into the grid — a pleasure many other countries have had for decades.

While I'm not ready to install panels on my roof yet, they're a no-brainer for motorhomes and campervans.

I’ve been testing the Bluetti AC200Max for the last few months, primarily in my motorhome which is now 25 years old. When I bought it all of the lights were still halogen and power-hungry. I upgraded the leisure batteries, installed 400 watts of solar panels on the roof, and installed a 1000w inverter. It took a lot of research, time and many moments of frustration but works. However, the AC200Max would have saved me a lot of time and trial and error on extras along the way, but is the large upfront investment worth it?

Design and features

The AC200MAX measures 42cm x 28cm x 38.7cm and weighs a hefty 28.1kg. It has two large handles on either side built into the unit, making it much easier to carry for two people, and while I was able to manage moving it on my own, it's not ideal. Wheels and a telescopic handle would have been nice but this would only add extra weight and bulk to what is otherwise a tidy and compact unit.

The Bluetti logo is on the front of the tough plastic case, which has dark colours. A large 500W block adapter and a plastic bag containing cables for solar and automotive charging are included with the AC200MAX.

On the front of the AC200MAX is a colour-resistive touch screen. This is a fantastic addition although it can be a little difficult to see in direct sunlight. Of course, you can also use the Bluetti app but more on that later. The display provides a clear readout of the charging and discharging functions and the menu system is well-organised. You can turn off/on the DC and AC power from the menu and see how many watts of power are going in from solar (PV) and power adaptor as well as out on DC and AC power. It has quick access to settings, battery data records, and any potential alarms. The display has a timeout of 30 seconds by default but you can increase this up to five minutes.

The menu system is super snappy and easy to use for those who just want a plug-and-play system.

Four AC outlets are located on the front as well, with a maximum continuous power output of 2,200W and a surge capacity of 4,800W (100ms). You also get a special 30A output port which uses the same two-pin socket type as the input for the solar panels. This is a port you could use to hook up to the 12V system on a camper or motorhome. Additionally, there's a 12VDC/10A cigarette lighter port and a special DC 5521 12V/10A output port for traditional routers/cameras and older laptops (combined 120W).

For more modern devices you get two USB-A (18Wx2), two USB-A (5VDC/3A) and a single USB-C 100W. I think at least two USB-C ports would have been better, but at least there are not one, but two 15W wireless charging pads on the top of the unit. The 100W USB-C port (PD3.0) delivers full power to all the devices that can handle it including my MacBook Pro.

While using the Bluetti on my travels in the van I never felt I was lacking ports for charging all of my devices since I was also able to use my 140W AC power adaptor which has two USB-C ports and one USB-A. The 100W USB-C port delivers full power to all the devices that can handle it including my MacBook Pro.

On the left side are the inputs for the external 500W AC power adaptor which is rather large and noisy when plugged in, even when it's not charging. You also have a port for the included solar cable which has standard MC4 connectors on the other side and two ports for additional battery units which can dramatically increase your battery capacity from 2048Wh to 6144Wh.

Unlike standard lead acid batteries which should not be discharged below 50% of their capacity, in theory, the LiFePo4 (Lithium iron phosphate) batteries used in the AC200Max can be fully discharged. However, I think Bluetti would have designed the software to cut power when the battery reaches 20% to ensure longevity. According to Bluetti, the capacity will only decrease to 80% of its initial capacity after 3,500 complete cycles. My AGM batteries, on the other hand, only last 300 cycles according to the spec sheet.

You can charge the AC200Max using both the 500W adaptor along with solar to reduce charging times. A full charge can take up to five hours with the AC adaptor but the charge time is reduced to two hours with a total input power of 1,400W. The unit has a built-in MPPT solar charger controller with an input voltage range of 10 to 145VDC.

Power usage

Bluetti included a folding 200W solar panel with the AC200Max for this review and during a relatively sunny day, it took four hours to charge it from 80% to 98%. The panel is exceptionally well made with a strong handle and simple folding system with strong clasps to keep it folded for storage. The Bluetti 200W solar panel uses top-grade monocrystalline solar cells with up to 23.4% efficiency, an ETFE coating, an IP65 junction box, and a built-in pouch to store the cabling on the back. It also has convenient kickstands on the back with two different angle settings. While the foldout solar panel is ideal on sunny days where you can easily angle them in the best direction to maximise sun input, it's not designed to leave out in the rain for prolonged periods.

Thanks to the standard MC4 connectors, I was able to combine the Bluetti 200W with the panels on my motorhome, resulting in a combined 600W of power. This meant I never ran out of power despite using it extensively for charging two e-bikes, running a 1,800W coffee machine, powering lights, a hairdryer, an air fryer, charging phones, laptops, drones, and portable gaming consoles, etc. I found that the coffee machine consumed the most electricity, but after the first cup in the morning, subsequent cups for the rest of my morning didn't use as much power as the machine was already warmed up.

For testing, I also plugged the Bluetti directly into the AC power socket on the outside of the van. This worked great but wouldn't be the most efficient way to use the AC200Max.

My existing setup has a 1000W inverter which isn't enough to power things like the coffee machine, air fryer or hairdryer, so the AC200Max has made a massive difference in creature comfort while on the road.

Of course, the AC200Max can also be used at home for things like power outages or in places where it might be difficult to run electricity. You can place it right in your living room, unlike a noisy petrol-power generator.

App support

The free Bluetti app is one of my favourite features of the AC200Max. It connects to the unit via Bluetooth and it never failed to connect. You get a real-time view of what's happening and you can control things like turning off/on the power on the DC and AC as well as power down the unit itself. I found this so useful since I stored the unit in a closet and while in bed, I was still able to turn things off at night if I needed to. I also loved checking the app to see how much power the solar panels were created with a quick glance at the app.


The Bluetti AC200Max is a fantastic option for those who want a complete system that doesn't require much knowledge to get up and running in a converted van or motorhome.

The build quality is outstanding with a robust design in a compact size. The touchscreen and menu system is easy to use and the multiple AC sockets and various USB ports provide ample charging options for different devices. The inclusion of two wireless charging pads is a bonus and the ability to connect additional batteries means you can grow capacity.

The extra-long battery life means this is a worthwhile long-term investment for those with power-hungry devices in their motorhomes and camper vans.

Bluetti AC200Max expandable power station - from €1,999 Bluetti

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