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Earth Day 2023: Zoomlion Accents on Building a Sustainable Future with Innovation and Intelligence

Aug 24, 2023

CHANGSHA, China, April 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. ("Zoomlion") is supporting Earth Day 2023 with innovative actions for the planet. Known as "Team Green" for its sustainable products and prominent green product color, Zoomlion has accelerated the development of new energy technologies and products following the integrated roadmap of digital, intelligent, and green strategies.

Themed "Invest In Our Planet," this year's Earth Day highlights the importance of dedicating time, resources, and energy to tackling climate change and other environmental challenges. Zoomlion is committed to protecting the earth through green and sustainable R&D, manufacturing and product strategies.

Green strategies for a greener future: innovation-driven R&D, new energy breakthroughs, and green manufacturing

In 2022, Zoomlion launched 127 new products and carried out 330 core technology research projects and studies, nearly 77 percent of which were centered in the digital, intelligent, and green development fields.

Leveraging its technological capabilities in single-machine intelligence, man-machine coordination, and machine cluster collaboration, Zoomlion launched the industry's first intelligent construction packaged solution in December 2022 which achieves full-process unmanned operation in digital close-loop and intelligent construction.

Zoomlion is leading the industry's new energy development with pioneering products, and it is expanding its new energy product portfolio, promoting the hydrogen energy industry chain from production to application, and achieving breakthroughs in developing pure electric, hybrid and hydrogen energy products. Zoomlion has launched numerous world-first products, including the 27-meter pure electric spider lift, 220-ton hybrid all-terrain crane, 40-ton pure electric rough terrain wheeled crane, crawler crane with distributed electric drive, and the world's largest 125-ton non-road wide-body dump truck with hydrogen fuel cells.

To date, Zoomlion has released more than 100 new energy products (pure electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel) covering categories including concrete pump truck and mixers, truck cranes, aerial work platforms, excavators, mining trucks, forklifts, emergency vehicles and agricultural machinery.

Zoomlion is also accelerating green manufacturing and adopting measures to improve material utilization rates, production efficiency, energy efficiency, and clean emission rates, while reducing the unit consumption of materials such as steel, welding wire, paint, natural gas, and diesel for testing.

It's imperative to invest in our planet and protect our home, it is the best path towards building a prosperous future. Zoomlion believes that when Investing In Our Planet together, we are also supporting to build healthy, happy, and wealthy communities.

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