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Grohe Spa transforms Milanese courtyard with reflective water installation

Jun 15, 2023

Reflective pools and mirrored cubes set within a neoclassical courtyard in Milan feature in Grohe's water-inspired installation, which is captured in this video produced by Dezeen.

The installation was designed to represent the brand's "health through water" concept and showcase its revitalised premium sub-brand Grohe Spa. It occupied the courtyard of the Pinacoteca di Brera art museum during Milan design week.

Speaking to Dezeen in an exclusive interview, chief design officer of Lixl Global Design – Grohe's in-house design team – Paul Flowers explained that the installation was created as an oasis of calm amidst the busyness of the Italian design festival.

"Coming into this courtyard from the hustle and bustle of what's happening outside in Milan design week, there's a stillness and tranquillity that water brings," he said in the video.

The installation featured an expansive pool of water that surrounded a bronze statue of Napoleon in the centre of the courtyard, which reflected the surrounding neoclassical architecture and, in turn, created an illusion of expanding the space.

"As you enter the courtyard, there's a really imposing statue of Napoleon," Flowers said. "What we tried to do is use water to frame the statue."

"As the light comes into the installation, the reflections and the light transfer. It's really beautiful," he continued.

To further create a seamless "infinity" appearance of the installation, four cubes with mirrored surfaces were placed in each corner of the courtyard, each housing a wide range of Grohe Spa products.

One cube exhibited Grohe Spa's Icon 3D collection of 3D metal-printed products, while another featured its bespoke Atrio and Allure Brilliant Private collections, which can be customised by colour, material, finish and handle designs.

"In the Grohe Spa collection, we offer several ranges aimed at architects, designers and consumers who are looking for holistic bathroom solutions," Flowers explained.

Another cube showcased Grohe Spa's Colors collection, using its Cool Sunrise colour to bathe the room in a golden hue while visitors listened to the sound of water and felt its humidity due to elevated temperatures.

The fourth cube highlighted Grohe Spa's modular shower solutions, featuring a multi-sensory experience with mist, light and sound modules, as well as an LED screen displaying nature-inspired images.

The installation was designed by Lixil Global Design and was on display in the courtyard of Pinacoteca di Brera during Milan design week in 2023.

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