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‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Review of ABC Series Premiere in IMAX Theaters

May 11, 2023

This why didn't they focus on the backstory to the formation of Agents of Shield?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________Also here's the weird part Agent Coulson was not even an agent yet when he was forming Agents of Shield back in Iron Man one. Yet if we look back at Iron Man one it was in fact Coulson who formed the Agents of Shield that we know, they didn't even have the name yet._________________________________________________________________________________________So the real question that Agent Carter needed to answer was how exactly were the building blocks that led to Coulson's pitch put into place. The showrunners/script writers/directors seemed to be more interested in fishing chips from the bottom of their respective tater chip bags than filling in the necessary backstories. ________________________________________________________________________________________Also somwhere in there they needed to establish a relationship betwixt a young Coulson and Mr. Howard Stark. Lola didn't build herself and its obvious Mr. Howard Stark had a hand in Lola's design. Howard Stark had showcased a car with the ability to fly like Lola as far back as when Captain America was first established at one of the then state fairs.