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Mixer menace: Cement mixer truck overturned

Jan 17, 2024

People in a Preah Sihanouk village were shocked with the unusual sight of an overturned cement mixer truck.

This took place on August 10 at a bend in Road no. 827, Village 5, Sangkat 4, Preah Sihanouk.

Residents of the area told local news that the truck was traveling from National Road 4 down to Route 827, carrying a load of cement. When the truck reached the bend of the road, the brakes malfunctioned causing it to overturn and spilling cement onto the road.

There were no casualties in the accident. After the incident, traffic police cleared out the scene of the accident. The concrete company later sent a crane to lift the truck from the scene.

Happiness! Sand trucks are off the road . . . for now

EDC issues warning on forthcoming Phnom Penh power outages from today

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Diplomats from around the globe will meet in the German city of Bonn this week to hash out plans that are key to global efforts to stop the planet heating and adapt to violent weather.

The 20th IISS Shangri-La Dialogue took place in Singapore from Friday to Sunday last week. The schedule included a speech by Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Li Shangfu on "China's new security initiative," and a speech by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on "the US’ leadership in the Indo-Pacific."

In "Heirs of the Sultan of Sulu were forum shopping and abusing the legal processes", I wrote that the Sulu heirs were "forum shopping" when they "flew over 10,000 kilometres to Madrid in Spain to move the Superior Court of Justice there to appoint a sole arbitrator in the Spanish Arbitration.

India and the EU hosted the Global Gateway Conference in Shillong, Meghalaya from June 1-2, 2023.

Siem Reap will once again collaborate with sister city Battambang's biennial S’ART Urban Art Festival which runs from June 12 to June 17.

A major movie featuring Angkor Wat which was repeatedly put on hold due to COVID is now ready to roll, according to Productionlist, a movie project tracking service provided by the Film and Television Industry Alliance.

At the front gate of the nature conservation centre, visitors may run into "Frankie", an Indochinese Sarus crane, which seems to be tame and yet a bit cheeky at the same time.

Siem Reap's 2020 arts and lifestyle coverage kicked off the year on an optimistic note that, with the wisdom of hindsight, turned out to be somewhat ironic.

Because our baby is now at the centre of our life, it has been mentally challenging since even getting a good night's sleep or a decent meal has suddenly become a real task.

Khmer Times is now available on iPhone and Android.