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Mobile Material Stabilization Solutions for the UK from Red Knight 6 Ltd

May 20, 2023

What can you do in 4 hours? It is unlikely you will list the full set up and operation of a material stabilization solution. But with the Bison mobile plant from SIMEM that is exactly what you can achieve.

Available only from UK & Ireland distributor Red Knight 6 Ltd (RK6), the Bison is the fully mobile solution that can generate up to 500 TPH with a hydraulic self-erecting system, meaning no cranes are necessary. The Bison is available in two variants, the 250 and the 500. Both are trailer mounted (the 250 is delivered by trailer) and fully road legal in the UK.

The Bison solutions come with in-built industrial PCs with 24" screens, offering real time flow correction with a percentage for each product and immediate feedback on plant performance and actions. There is also a periodic back up of all system and production data, ensuring everything is securely held and protected.

The mobile plant isideal for a wide range of civil works that require concrete mixing, material stabilisation and recycled reinstatement material. Additionally, the Bison units are ideal for road basement and surface requirements, such as cold asphalt mixing and foamed bitumen mixing. The systems can also manage a variety of remediation works such as, soil stabilisation and solid waste treatment.

Each of the Bison unit is expandable and can come with the following, depending on your requirements:

"The Bison is the leading, fast, and flexible material stabilisation solution available to the UK and Irish markets. It comes with minimal site restrictions and with a 4-hour set up time it offers the most rapid solution on the market," said Dan Flack, Sales Director at RK6. "With so much large-scale construction and development, like HS2, taking place throughout the UK we feel now is the ideal time to focus on a truly mobile solution for our customers."

Bison 250

Bison 500

Hourly rate

100-250 tph

200-500 tph

Aggregate Units



Power Dosing System



Emulsion Device



Mixer Model

MDC 201

MDC 501

Discharge Height



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