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SBM presents the new DYNAMIX® concrete mixing plant:

Jan 21, 2024

Attractive mixture "from one pour"...

On a total of more than 600 m² of adjoining hall and open-air space, SBM Mineral Processing is showing its innovations at BAUMA. Also present will be the concrete division of the Austrian full-service S&E supplier – for years a leader in the premium segment of supermobile and stationary concrete production plants. With its latest DYNAMIX® 2500 series, SBM is now bridging the gap between the two technologies and setting completely new standards in attractive plant design. A high production output of up to 115 m³/h of hardened concrete, quality-oriented top technologies in weighing, batching and mixing technology, as well as simple installation without time-consuming preparatory work – these are the main features of the new DYNAMIX® 2500 concrete mixing plant, which will be presented for the first time in Munich. This puts it in line with the supermobile EUROMIX® technology and the LINEMIX® container plants, with which SBM continues to set standards within the mobile concrete segment in terms of optimised transportability or semi-stationary production versatility, even under extreme conditions.

Lean modular system for all requirements However, what distinguishes the new series from the highly integrated supermobile solutions and the container systems that can be more customised in terms of equipment is the largely standardised modular design of the space-saving, vertical plant technology. Supplemented by standard components from the mobile SBM concrete range – cement silos, aggregate hopper, skip hoist – the DYNAMIX® 2500 becomes an economically attractive solution for temporary use or long-term operation as a stationary plant in all climatic regions. The customer can choose between three equipment packages: The unclad standard version as a solution for quick changes of location or indoor use, the "summer version" with wide cantilevered protective roofs over the working platforms, and the "winter version" with the new type of cladding of the mixing unit and the connections to the hopper with robust light band panels. The plastic sandwich material is easy to install, UV-resistant and offers very high insulation values (U-value: 1.1 W/m²·K) for year-round operation independent of weather conditions, even under extreme conditions. At the same time, the multi-coloured, smooth-surfaced façade gives the facility an attractive "dynamic" appearance that clearly stands out from container constructions or conventional profiled sheets. All DYNAMIX® equipment packages are easy to convert and retrofit and, thanks to their high-quality manufacturing, also allow multiple changes of location with intermediate storage without loss of substance. In stationary operation, they offer optimised internal logistics in the smallest of spaces and, with their modern "tidy" appearance, support the long-term acceptance of the delivery plants even within conurbations. Comfort and safety with "plug-and-play". In the technical design of the new DYNAMIX® concept, the SBM engineers were also guided by modern industrial design, which takes functional requirements and ergonomic advantages into account in equal measure. Despite their transport-optimised dimensions, the weighing platform with robust and precise SBM technology and the mixer platform with the high-quality BHS DKXS 2.50 S twin-shaft mixer (2.50 m³/batch) incl. innovative SBM high-pressure cleaning system (120 bar) offer plenty of space and good accessibility, thus ensuring comfort and safety for the staff. In all DYNAMIX® assemblies, the supply connections are pre-installed according to the selected equipment packages and can be put into operation quickly and safely after crane assembly via "plug-and-play" connections. The installation and commissioning of the entire plant, including cement silos and the horizontal hopper unit with an aggregatevolume of 128 m³ (4 – 8 chambers), can be carried out on all sufficiently paved surfaces on mobile foundations. According to SBM, the mechanical assembly of the pre-installed entire plant only takes about one day. Thanks to an optimised control interface, the implementation of the operator's preferred technology from relevant international control manufacturers is freely selectable, which facilitates the integration into a company-wide standard.

According to SBM, the three DYNAMIX® equipment variants with a few clearly defined optional expansion packages cover the entire application spectrum of mobile mixing plant technology. In addition to precisely controllable initial investments – with the possibility of expansion as needed at any time – the high level of standardisation brings further advantages for the operator. For example, the plants can also be planned more easily decentrally via a regional SBM partner and, due to transferable performance data, could be approved more quickly. The modular concept also ensures faster availability due to the stock production of numerous components at the SBM site in Liezen. The same applies to maintenance and service: the extensive parts commonality facilitates the establishment of regional dealer support points, while the versatility of the DYNAMIX® series and its attractiveness for new customer groups should also open up national and international markets for SBM premium technology that have been little developed so far. Complete programme of leading mobile technologies In Munich, SBM will also provide information on its proven supermobile, container-mobile and stationary series. On display will be the wheel-mobile EUROMIX® 3300 SPACE, which achieves a hardened concrete output of up to 145 m³/h despite minimum space requirements and an extremely short set-up time. This puts it in the upper range of the total of eight EUROMIX® models (hardened concrete: 80 – 170 m³/h; mixer sizes: 1.67 – 4.00 m³/batch). For more than 20 years, SBM has set the super-mobile standards with EUROMIX® in terms of application flexibility, concrete quality and variety of recipes, as well as in the service life of the mixing plants, which often work in 24/7 on-site operation. Numerous international construction groups and specialised service providers rely on SBM technology in their plant fleets, which can be adapted to specific projects at any time thanks to cross-generation expandability and, above all, to the latest state of art. Current top references for EUROMIX® technology include the Femern Link Belt Tunnel between Denmark and Germany, the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg or the 2nd main line of the Munich S-Bahn. VARIOMIX® and LINEMIX® are the names of the two containermobile SBM series: With minimal demands on the subsoil, directly connected container high hoppers and parallel deliveries for crane buckets, concrete pumps and truck mixers, the compact VARIOMIX® sizes with a hardened concrete output of up to 115 m³/h are specifically designed for use on confined inner-city construction sites. LINEMIX®, on the other hand, offers high production capacities of up to 330 m³/h with double mixer equipment and, in particular, flexibly expandable storage capacities for aggregates, binders and the whole range of modern concrete additives (e.g. fibres, admixtures, etc.). This ensures a large production variety even at more remote locations, which makes LINEMIX® particularly interesting for long-term infrastructure constructions (e.g. tunnelling, dams, etc.) without a direct connection to existing ready-mixed concrete networks. At the same time, the high-quality insulation of all plant modules guarantees high availability even in extremely exposed locations. SBM offers classic customized stationary plant technology with its standardised tower plant TOWERMIX®. In the plant engineering segment for the realisation of special solutions for special concretes (e.g. UHPC, recycled concrete) or for the optimised processual integration of its own mixing plant technology into existing and new extraction plants or downstream processing lines (e.g. in precast production), the plant manufacturer draws on its large engineering capacities. SBM at Bauma: Indoor: Hall B2.249 Outdoor: 23B.B23.15; 23B.B23.26 (between Halls B2/B3)

Lean modular system for all requirements Comfort and safety with "plug-and-play". Complete programme of leading mobile technologies